NetbootCD is a Linux live CD based on Tiny Core Linux. The live CD allows the user to download and run one of several Linux netboot installers, which can install a full GNU/Linux system with only a hard drive and Internet connection.

Some of the distributions supported by NetbootCD are prerelease distributions (such as Debian testing) or development/rolling-release distributions (openSUSE Tumbleweed, Fedora Rawhide, Debian sid.) Because NetbootCD downloads the latest installer, which in turn downloads the latest system components, you can install a fully up-to-date system without burning a new CD.

Supported Distributions

The following distributions are installable from the current NetbootCD:

NetbootCD also supports downloading and launching Tiny Core Linux and some versions of SliTaz.


The current version of NetbootCD is version 11.1.4 (May 23, 2022), based on Core-11.1. The ISO image can be burned to a CD/DVD or written to a flash drive.

There are two versions of NetbootCD: the standalone version (NetbootCD.iso) and a version where NetbootCD is combined with CorePlus (NetbootCD+CorePlus.iso.) The latter includes everything in CorePlus; it can boot to the X11 desktop and then let you run NetbootCD (by typing "netboot") after exiting to the prompt.

NetbootCD is also available on a set of seven 1440KB floppies. The floppy version is a modified Core-5.x which downloads and boots NetbootCD 11.1.4.

Download from GitHub

To build NetbootCD yourself, grab the contents of the NetbootCD Git repo.

Notes (for 9.0)

  • iPXE is no longer included. (I haven't been able to get it to work properly recently, and I'm moving all downloads to GitHub only; let me know if you can get it working.)
  • New versions of GRUB4DOS (from chenall) don't appear to work when launched via kexec, so they no longer appear in the NetbootCD menu. GRUB4DOS is still incldued as a boot option on the CD image.
  • When using NetbootCD to download a version of Tiny Core Linux besides Core, NetbootCD will download Core but tell it to download the appropriate .tcz packages once it boots.
  • For Ubuntu, a ***-updates kernel will be used if one is found.
  • In the NetbootCD + CorePlus ISO, you can launch NetbootCD with the CorePlus add-ons. The CorePlus desktop will show up first, and you can run the NetbootCD script by exiting to the command prompt and running "netboot". This mode uses nbinit4.gz as the initrd.
  • NetbootCD 5.3.3+ has a "ipaddr" option. This option asks you for a network interface (default is "eth0"), tells you the IP address on that interface, and gives you the option of releasing the DHCP lease.

Licensing and Source

The NetbootCD script ( is written by me and is licensed GPLv2+: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Text of GPLv2 - Text of GPLv3

Source for software in version 9.0 can be found at and The source code to components not in Tiny Core is in the netbootcd-source repo, but the build script and related components are in the netbootcd repo (see the download link above).