libertyernie's stage pack

A pack of 38 stages made (mostly) by myself.

Stages (page 1)

Tennis Court Cliff
This is one of a few different stages I made that use the Wuhu Island 3D model ripped from Wii Sports Resort. I took it from Quanno's stage originally, so thanks to them for the model!
A13 - Main Theme (Wii Sports Resort)
A07 - Cycling
A08 - Bowling

(2D) Pumpkin Zone
This stage is based on an area from Super Mario Land 2. Characters don't drop straight down when the blocks disappear - this is because of the way I used collision animations to make the floors go away. I bet there's a better way to do stuff like that.
A09 - Pumpkin Zone
A06 - Pumpkin Zone (Alternate)

br3compactor took an earlier Wuhu Island Basketball Court stage I had made, scaled it up so the smoke ball fit in the hoop, and used SmashClash's basketball texture and standardtoaster's smoke-ball-related codes to turn it into a basketball! Later, I added an alternate version (ocean view) and changed the camera angle.
A01/A02 - Basketball (Wii Sports Resort)
(I think this might be the results music.)
A10 - Menu (NBA 2K2)
(BRSTM by MichaelMichael54321)
A04 - Team Select (NBA Jam)

This version has slightly different platform positioning than the one posted - it's a version Nausicaa altered to make it play a little better.
A20 - House (Day)
A21 - House (Night)
A22 - Space Hunter Drake Redcrest (English ver.)

(2D) Dragon Valley
B01 - Dragon Valley 1
B08 - Dragon Valley 2
(both BRSTMs by Xiron)

(2D) Vision of Ghazzaland
A small update to an old 2D stage of mine, from Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (GBA).
C02 - Vision of Ghazzaland
C09 - The Windmill Song (Klonoa (Wii))
C01 - Ark Ver. 1 (Klonoa 2)
(BRSTM by Xerom)

(2D) Castle Cave
One of the first stages I made, from an underground area in Link's Awakening DX.
C15 - Overworld (Link's Awakening)

VVVVVV (The Ship)
This stage uses 3D blocks and is based on an area in VVVVVV.

(2D) The Curious Factory
From an area in Wario Land 4. This stage provides an example of a working conveyor belt, using a couple of collisions slightly below the main floor that push under it (and push the characters off) before they loop back around.
D04 - Domino Row
(BRSTM by SvenFletcher)
D08 - The Curious Factory

Planet Flora
A stage from Super Smash Bros. Crusade. based on the first level of Ristar for the Sega Genesis.
E01 - Shooting Ristar
E03 - Dancing Leaves
E05 - Splash Down!!

This floating stage is based on a (not so floating) level in the PC game Lemmings. Lemmings never really gave names to its tracks, so the several soundtrack rips (Amiga, DOS, Mac OS, Nintendo, Sega, etc.) all have different naming conventions for the music. I personally own the CD-ROM DOS version, and have uploaded the audio here if you're interested.
F06 - Track 10 (Lemmings (DOS, CD-ROM ver.))
F01 - Track 11 (Lemmings (DOS, CD-ROM ver.))
F05 - Stage Theme 5 (Sega Genesis ver.)
(F01 and F05 are two different versions of the same song.)
F04 - Downwardly Mobile Lemmings (Oh No! More Lemmings (DOS))
(BRSTM by AlbirdVampPrince)

(2D) Stinkoman 20X6 Level 1
Like a few of the other stages in this pack, it's over 5 years old! A large stage based on the first level of Stinkoman 20X6.
G10 Level 1.1
G02 Level 1.2
G01 Boss Battle

Brawlpark (Night)
A modification of Pokémon Stadium 2 that makes it resemble a baseball or cricket stadium. You can run into the stands - they extend past the death boundaries.

John's Room
The bedroom of John Egbert, the protagonist of Homestuck.
H06 Showtime (Original Mix) - Malcolm Brown
H08 Aggrieve - Mark Hadley
H07 Beatdown (Strider Style) - Curt Blakeslee
H09 Dissension (Original) - David Ko
H10 Doctor (Original Loop) - George Buzinkai

Sparkster Lv. 5
A large area from a level in Sparkster for the Sega Genesis. I think a smaller version of this stage might be nice to have, but I never bothered making one.
I01 Stage 1-1
I03 Stage 1-2
I02 Stage 2
I04 Stage 3
I05 Stage 4
I06 Stage 5
I07 Stage 1-1 (Rocket Knight Adventures)

Rice Beach (Super Smash Bros. Crusade)
A recreation of a Wario Land-themed stage from Super Smash Bros. Crusade. If you want one with a more competitive layout, check that link for one version or look here for another.
M01 Main Theme (Wario Land)
M02 Beach Stage
M08 Stonecarving City (Wario Land: Shake It)

Big Blue on Distant Planet

It's Saffron City next to Hyrule Castle :)
This is my original version (based of Mewtwo2000's stages) so it doesn't include some improvements other people have made.
N01 Hyrule Castle 64
N02 Saffron City 64
N03 Fighting Polygon Team

(2D) Stairs


The ground of this stage is a flat diagonal plane, and is constantly moving upwards and to the right.

Penguin Land
This stage was also given a bit of a re-do by Nausicaa, so now only the top platform has ice on the floor.
Q07 Penguin Land
Q06 Aurora Icefield (Sonic the Fighters)
Q08 Ring Rink (Ristar)

(2D) Clouds
All of the clouds on this stage are soft platforms - you can drop through them. From the Japanese Famicom version of Kid Dracula.
P01 Level 2 (Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-Kun)
P02 Level 3 (Kid Dracula)

Metal City
Part of a level in Drill Dozer, a Game Freak game for the GBA, which was perhaps best known for having a rumble motor built into the cartridge.
B04 Metal City
B03 Sunken Ruins
B09 Neo Tokyo (Pulseman)

Super Mario Land - World 1-1
A flat stage with sides extending to the ground, and two platforms.
A17 World 1-1
Q02 World 2-1

(2D) Stop That Train!
I'm pretty sure this was the first stage I made in Brawl - not sure what the original post date is, but I edited it a couple of times. It's from Wario Land 2. On BrawlVault I have a nighttime version (from another Wario Land 2 level.)
R04 Train (Wario Land II)
Q04 Train (Wario Land)
W14 Rollercoaster (Kid Dracula)

Star Light Zone
This, the Ristar stage, and the Sparkster stage all have low areas on the left and high ones on the right. I think this is my favorite, since it's not quite as big.
R02 Star Light Zone
R10 Stardust Speedway (Past)

(2D) Poloy Forest
From Tails' Adventure for the Game Gear.
R03 Poloy Forest

Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary
This stage is modeled on the main game screen in Puyo Pop. The two areas on the left are where the puyos fall (one per player.) Here, the left and right edges are walls, while the center is hollow but covered up by the foreground.
Like many of these stages, I mostly made it as an excuse to use the music.
S06 Arle's Theme
S02 Puyo Puyo Song (Piko Piko Mix)
S03 Carbuncle's Theme
S08 Sticker
S04 Great Transformation Mode
S07 Draco Centauros' Theme
S05 The Untrained Demon King Ultimate Legend
S10 Final (Puyo Puyo)
S11 Sunset (Puyo Puyo)

Green Hill Zone Boss Area
Uses the same Green Hill Zone model as the stage in Brawl, just re-positioned.

Stages (page 2)

These are my recreations of stages from Super Smash Land. You can also get them from
Each stage has its music from Super Smash Land and one or two additional songs from elsewhere.

(Super Smash Land) Hyrule Castle
C03 Hyrulez [Inverse Phase]
W24 Hyrule Castle 64

(Super Smash Land) Underground
W05 The Undungeon [Inverse Phase]
W15 Underground (Super Mario All-Stars)

(Super Smash Land) Tower of Heaven
W03 Tower of Heaven (Luna Ascension GB Mix) [flashygoodness]
W26 Tower of Babel (Soleil)

(Super Smash Land) Lavender Town
(with credit to the Brawl- team for the platforms)
W12 Lavender Town (Pokemon Tower Flashy Mix) [flashygoodness]
W19  Lavender Town (Gold/Silver)

(Super Smash Land) Dream Land
W07 GourMEAT Race [Inverse Phase]
W06 Dream Land 64

(Super Smash Land) Peach's Castle
W02 Super Mockio Brothers [Inverse Phase]
W01 Peach's Castle 64

(Super Smash Land) Kirby's Air Ride
W08 Kirby's Air Ride (Checker Knights) [flashygoodness]
 W28 Celestial Valley

(Super Smash Land) Dr. Wily's Castle
W11 A Wiry Opponent [Inverse Phase]
W29 Mega Man 2 Retro Medley (SSB4)

(Super Smash Land) Clocktown
W27 Clock Town (Ocarina of Time Medley) [flashygoodness]
W04 Ocarina of Time Medley

(Super Smash Land) Saffron City
W09 Saffron Chippy [Inverse Phase]
W16 Viridian Forest (Gold/Silver)
W10 Saffron City 64