Brawl Stage Image Generator

current version: 1.0 (July 3, 2012)
Download (source code included in JAR)

The Brawl Stage Image Generator can take in an input image and convert it to a Brawl MenSelmapMark image using ImageMagick.

To use this program, ImageMagick's convert.exe must be located in the system PATH. You can do this by installing the Windows binaries from (either Q8 or Q16 versions will work) or by installing it through Cygwin.

There are three ways to load an image:

The preview panel will show two images. The top image has a black background; this is what will be saved for use in MiscData[80]. The bottom image is what it will look like in-game.

You can save the created image to a new file using File>Save As (Ctrl+Alt+S). You can also use File>Save or the Save & Close button. In this case, the original image will not be overwritten; rather, a new PNG file will be created in the same directory (or in your home directory, if the original image was pasted in.)

You can use the command-line argument -auto to process multiple files and save them to new files in the same directory.


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