BRSTM Converter

current version: 3.4.1 (December 17, 2012)
Download (C# source code)

Changes in 3.4.1:

Changes in 3.4:

Version 3.2, which uses Java, is still available here.

BRSTM Converter is a program written in Visual C# with BrawlLib (and using other programs, like SoX, to do the actual conversion). You can use it to do batch conversions to BRSTM and/or batch modifications of certain audio attributes:

Supported input formats include:

Supported output formats include:

For more information, use the Help menu on the program's initial options dialog.

The program supports command-line arguments (use the --help argument for more information.)

Known bugs:

Output .brstms are put in the "output" folder.

Note: on the "file open" dialog, you can hold down Ctrl to select multiple files at once before clicking OK.

How to use loop.txt: specify a loop start, a loop end, and a filename on each line, like so:

853168 5087322 41 Carefree Action.wav

The program should automatically adjust both the start and end points for you if the start point is not divisible by 14336.

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